Emergency Preparedness

Living in California has its inherent dangers. Two of the most devastating events that can alter your life in a moment are earthquake and wildfire. A large magnitude earthquake can disrupt our lives in ways that are hard to imagine. Is your family ready for such an emergency? Are you prepared to live without power and water for a week or more? Click here and take my disaster preparedness test.

Do you know what you would grab from your home if you had to abandon it in the middle of the night? Experienced blue water sailors always have a “ditch” bag at the ready in case it becomes necessary to abandon ship and jump in the life raft. In just a few hours time, I can help you put together everything you’ll need to be prepared in case of an emergency. From putting together a “ditch” bag with vital documents, extra medications and other items you’ll need if you have to leave in a hurry, to a fully stocked emergency preparedness kit with everything you’ll need for your family to withstand being without services for an extended time.

Knowing you are prepared for anything will give you peace of mind and build your confidence in the future. I believe that the best way to avoid a disaster is to be ready for it.

I can work the disaster preparedness into ongoing organizing projects, working on it piece by piece, or spend half a day and just get it done. What would it mean to you to know you’re family is prepared for “the big one”?


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