Teri made what looked impossible possible! What impressed me the most was Teri’s listening ability. She would hear and respond to a hint of hesitation in my voice especially when I became nostalgic. She would slowly guide me through the maze of emotions and feelings. Altogether, she is a very effective life coach.

Tatsuo Okaya, Retired Businessman

Thank you for the many tips you provided that continue to help me move forward with finishing our move-in/organization project. I am about to hang the photo that I was going to store, but your wise comment changed my mind.   You said something like: “if it is framed and it is something you love or that has meaning, then it should be hung.”

Beth Matthews, Biologist

It is such a great feeling to get the car in the garage. And this is only your second visit – wow!!

Sheryl Nouaux, Retired Teacher and Homemaker

I appreciate your strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Rhonda Elliot, Certified Professional Organizer

I contacted Teri when I had to move after a divorce. I am so glad I did! She organized every room, including the basement, attic and garage. She boxed everything, labeled, sold items on Craig’s List, took clothes to consignment and much more. Since I was moving far away, she actually got the movers and came with me and helped move my two cats and got me settled in. Teri is a tireless worker, very strong, a problem solver and excellent negotiator. She really saved my life.

Judith Gallenson, Homemaker

Working with a home organizer is a very personal experience…trust is essential. I was very stressed out…could not do the job on my own. With Teri’s help my home and garage (now) function. Teri is non-judgmental, does not waste time and makes the job fun! She is very focused and is not afraid to get dirty. So worth the money.

Gala M. Norton, Owner, Norprop

I cannot thank you enough for your help with my move. You were cheerful, strong and delight to work with you.

Jean Mooney, Artist

Teri maximized our time together by really listening to my needs and by creating a customized game plan to help me tackle my difficult organizational mess (until it was finished)! She patiently sorted through my personal and business clutter with no judgment; and I feel great about what we accomplished.

Russ Eddy, Photographer

“Teri was fun to work with and is a great problem solver!

Teri was extremely professional, hard working and very resourceful, re: two very challenging jobs…Together we cleared out my parents’ home of 37 years, efficiently, cost-effectively and actually had fun in the process!”

Julie Baldocchi, Owner, Pacific Nurseries


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